Global Washington

Global Washington supports the global development community in Washington state that is working to create a healthier and more equitable world. Its members include large organizations such as The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Path and Microsoft as well as small non-profits. We promote our members, bring them together to spark new ideas and partnerships, and build a network of leaders improving lives around the world. Global Washington’s newsletter for its members focuses each month on a different topic concerning the development sector; i.e.¬†global health and disease eradication, women’s economic empowerment, clean water and sanitation, human rights, etc.


Seattle is the epicenter of a global effort to beat back poverty and illness in the poorest corners of the world. Humanosphere is your go-to source for news, conversation and analysis about this effort as it unfolds.

Contributing Author in Academic Publications

Amanda has contributed to or been in acknowledged in 8 publications related to global health and social work services for immigrants and refugees.


Covance Inc., a global contract research organization, (CRO) is the world’s most comprehensive drug development company.